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J. 1950 to Present

This exhibit covers the period from 1950 to the present.  

I. 1940-1949 WWII and forming of Lake Roosevelt

This exhibit highlights the period covering World War II and the formation of Lake Roosevelt with the damming of the Columbia River. 

H. 1920-1939

This exhibit covers the period between wars and the consolidation of schools to centralized locations.

G. 1910-1919 Leading up to WW I

This exhibit highlights the period from the turn of the century to World War I. 

F. 1900 - 1909 Formation of cities

This exhibit highlights the development of cities and tremendous expansion of communities through the county.  Ferry County is formed from Stevens County at the end of this period.

E. 1890 - 1899 Expansion

This exhibit highlights the period between 1890 and 1899 when many mines, lumber mills, and numerous communities sprung up throughout the county.

D. 1860 - 1889 Military and first immigrants

This exhibits highlights the period between 1860 and 1889 including the military and first wave of immigrants. 

C. 1814-1871 Fur Trade

Exhibits highlights the Fur Trade and Fur Traders in the region.

B. Native Americans

Exhibit number 2 highlights the Native Americans in the collection. 

A. Explanatory

Items in the Crossroads on the Columbia project that explain material presented.  For the most part, these will be maps showing location of places and people mentioned.

Sections are broken out by Business, Directories, Farms/Mills/Mines, Government, Groups, Personal Stories, and Photographs.

Z. Maps

Maps in the overall collections

Y. Banks

Photographs and ledgers of banks and banking records in Stevens County.


X. Bird's Eye Views

Bird's eye views of communities and areas.

W. Morgan Papers

Evan Morgan owned Morgan Park, Loon Lake Park Company, Loon Lake Irrigation Company, and was involved in many business enterprises.  The papers start in 1899.

There are numerous papers in the collection.  Only the first 50 papers are are uploaded at this time.


V. Mining

Items that provide information about the rich history of mining within Stevens County.

U. Medical

Items showing medical-related topics in the collection.  This includes medical society minutes, birth records, and death records.

T. Military

Items in the collection related to the military or military service.

S. Voting

Photographs and ledgers involving voting and elections.

R. Pioneers

Pioneers in Stevens County.

Q. Railroads

Railroad photographs and transaction ledgers.

P. School Albums

Local area school albums.

O. Service Star Legion

The Chewelah Chapter of the Service Star Legion was formed 20 May 1924.  This chapter provided support to patients at the U. S. Hospital at American Lake and Walla Walla in the form of candy, lighter weight comforters, and correspondence and visits.  They also worked with the schools to present patriotic programs.

It was part of a national organization formed in Baltimore, Maryland on 10 October 1919. At first it was an amalgamation of eleven patriotic societies which had grown up during WWI including the War Mothers of America. (Per catalog at J. Willard Marriott Library The University of Utah and History of Milwaukee, city and county, Vol 3 by Josiah Seymour Currey)

One of the goals of the organization was to extend to one another, and to our soldiers, sailors, and marines and their families, mutual comfort, sympathy, and aid. 

N. Thomas Brown Family Album

The Thomas Brown Family Album is held by the Chewelah Museum. Many individuals in the photographs and tintypes are not identified.

Thomas Brown was born in the Red River area of current Manitoba, Canada in 1825. His parents were Henry and Emma (Slater) Brown, natives of Scotland, who came to the Red River area when they were young. In 1854, Thomas Brown and his wife Jane Mowatt Brown and family came west in the Sinclair Party and ended up in the Colville Valley.  Around 1859, the Brown family moved from the Addy area to Chewelah.  

Thomas and Jane Brown had six children: Mary, wife of E. G. Thomason; Maggie, wife of C. H. Montgomery; Rebecca, wife of Fred C. Keiling; John, Albert; and Temina. 

Thomas Brown died 12 September 1908. Jane Brown died 20 July 1900. 

M. Directories

Directories available on Crossroads on the Columbia.

Polk 1911 County Directory

Chewelah Telephone Directories for 1917, 1918, 1919, 1922, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1929, 1935, 1939, 1940, 1958 (includes Addy, Blue Creek, and Valley.

County Telephone Directory for 1922

Hunters/Kettle Falls Telephone Directory for 1932

Valley Telephone Directory 1928

Chewelah/Addy Telephone Directory 1931, 1934, 1936, 1937,  

Chewelah/Valley Telephone Directory 1940, 1941, 1943, 1944, 1946, 1949

Colville & Vicinity Telephone Directory 1944 (includes Northport and Springdale).

Tekoa/Garfield Telephone Directory 1919


L. Colonel David P. Jenkins

The Crossroads on the Columbia project presents Colonel Jenkins property management, real estate records, and probate attorney correspondence for his estate held by the Chewelah Museum.  We also offer three papers by Jon and Marilyn Osgood about Colonel Jenkins: The Civil War Saga of David P. Jenkins, Logansport Attorney, and Reclaimed Honor

The Oberlin College 1891 Decennial Class History is included in this collection.

The EWGS has written about Emma Rue's daughter, Mabel Rue Frederick, at . This includes information about Col Jenkins.

K. End of the Road

The development of different forms of transportation and their relation to the economics, eras and crossroads of Stevens County has not entirely ended.  There is currently (2011) a debate raging on the need, location and funding for a proposed new airfield near Colville.  Nevertheless, it has greatly settled down.  At this stage, virtually every road leads to every other road.  To recognize the growing amount of historical material that does not fit conveniently into the other crossroads themes,  this exhibit contains material from the era of the automobile.